Regroove | Max for Live Device

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Regroove | Max for Live Device

33 ratings

Regroove is a Max for Live device that utilizes a neural groove engine to enable users to manipulate the timing and groove of MIDI patterns in real-time. With Regroove, you can easily modify the placement of individual beats within the pattern to create new and innovative rhythms that are guaranteed to make your beats stand out.

In addition to its real-time groove manipulation capabilities, Regroove also offers a range of customization options that allow you to fine-tune the timing and groove of your MIDI patterns. These options include controls for adjusting the speed and timing of the pattern, as well as shaping the envelope and dynamics of the audio. Finally, the real draw of Regroove is the ability to access a variety of preset patterns and rhythms, powered by the neural groove engine, that will make your beats sound fresh and authentic.


About -> https://rekoil.io/regroove/

Tutorial -> https://youtu.be/yBIE8sktGoA

In-depth Article -> https://rekoil.io/blog/developing-regroove-part-1

Instagram -> https://www.instagram.com/rekoillabs/

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